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Driving Speeds

Size and speed are mostly reciprocally proportional. Isar Getriebetechnik KG has established activities in a broad field. Special expertise is provided for high-speed transmissions, which is a focus of activities.

  • Low-speed transmission, e. g. mixer with speed in the range of some rpm, but huge torque up to 1 Mnm i. e. 1,000,000 Nm

  • Medium speed, mostly between 1,000 and 10,000 rpm, where most vehicles transmissions and electrically driven applications belong to.

  • High speed and extreme speeds from 10,000 to far beyond 100,000 rpm
    are used at turbines, in vehicles for turbo-charging systems and for high-dynamic electrical transmissions, mostly combined with high power density. Our gearboxes with such speed are usually intended for testing and research.