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The scientific background for expertise in gearbox design was gained by the founder of ISAR GETRIEBTECHNIK KG, Albert J. Wimmer, during his research activities at the Gear Reseach Centre ("Forschungsstelle fuer Zahnraeder und Getriebebau ? FZG") at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Therefore he developed a special shape of gear geometry which is nowadays known as LowLoss-Gears. After completing his PhD he held a position in industrial development of automotive gear components. He started his own business with calculation and design of gearbox components. In August 2008 ISAR GETRIEBTECHNIK KG was founded and offers since then a full range of service and manufacturing for special gearboxes.

In 2010 one the most experienced gearbox engineers, Dipl.-Ing. Rudolf Stegherr, joined the Isar Getriebetechnik KG. He worked for all his professional life with high-speed gearboxes and realized speeds far above 100.000 rpm. After four fulfilling and successful decades he sold his company STEGHERR GETRIEBEBAU EK and intended to retire. So much more we are pleased to have reactivated his knowledge and experience for all the challenging and exciting projects at ISAR GETRIEBTECHNIK KG.